Hi ClojureBridge, on Saturday 12th November Prague Lambda Meetup & Czechitas coorganize first clojure introduction workshop in Czech Republic targeted for women. Originally we though of doing ClojureBridge in Prague, but joining with Czechitas was great way to spread the word. We have 40 women registered for the event (full capacity) and 12 coaches will join to help. Since we had to prepare 1 day workshop in czech language we decided to start from scratch. We are going to use Gorilla REPL and learn clojure basics through simple examples with lots of life REPL interaction. We are happy to share our materials, unfortunately all of it will be in czech 🙂 I have been previously coach on one of the Clojure Bridge events, so first thank you (as I definitely took inspiration for further work from there). And once we gather all the feedback I will share here what went well and what not. If you d like to find out more details, feel free to message me (but since there is still so much work till Saturday there might be some delay in answers 🙂 Marketa & PragueLambda & Czechitas (

clojuregeek 2016-11-08T21:35:15.000088Z

cool, kinda like this?