gadfly361 2017-07-24T03:02:31.651513Z

Hey all, is there any type of clojure/script meetup in copenhagen?

grav 2017-07-24T18:17:01.296214Z

Hey @gadfly361, sure, we mostly communicate through Meetup:

gadfly361 2017-07-24T18:20:05.402782Z

@grav thanks for the tip! Hopefully a meetup pops up over the next month :)

grav 2017-07-24T18:20:49.427870Z

Yep, hope so too 🙂

grav 2017-07-24T18:21:39.456923Z

If you have anything you’d like to talk about at a meetup, I’m sure your suggestions are welcome in the group!

grav 2017-07-24T18:21:58.467810Z

Normally that’s what starts everything up, then we’ll eventually find a location 🙂

gadfly361 2017-07-24T18:25:25.588344Z

Ahh gotcha, yeah I am mostly working with clojurescript and reagent these days. If there was any interest, i could talk on using d3 in reagent with a library i made called rid3:

grav 2017-07-24T18:27:48.672240Z

I’d definitely be interested. I haven’t used D3 much, but I really admire the stuff it can produce. But I did find the api rather imperative, so any alternatives would be nice to hear about.

grav 2017-07-24T18:28:21.692425Z

You should suggest it in the Meetup, and see what happens. Are you in Cph for a while?

gadfly361 2017-07-24T18:28:49.709097Z

Yeah, until end of august-ish

gadfly361 2017-07-24T18:30:10.757664Z

I'll look in to suggesting it - would i start a new discussion on the meetup? I dont use meetup much, so not sure what the decorum is

grav 2017-07-24T18:32:38.845691Z

Yeah, try that. Else there is a “Suggest a new meetup” feature, which I think contacts the organizers. And they are pretty friendly people 🙂

gadfly361 2017-07-24T18:33:03.860772Z

Oh ok sweet! Thanks for the help :)

grav 2017-07-24T18:33:15.867434Z

No problem 🙂

grav 2017-07-24T18:33:33.878796Z

And welcome to Cph btw 🙂

gadfly361 2017-07-24T23:50:58.128739Z