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hadils 2020-08-03T00:56:09.068900Z

I read somewhere that we should never use the Synchronous Client API in Production. Does anyone have experience with using Async in Production?

hadils 2020-08-03T00:56:31.069400Z

Perhaps they can share some insights. I am using Datomic Cloud...

Joe Lane 2020-08-03T01:18:04.070500Z

@hadilsabbagh18 I've never heard that before and disagree with "never". I've almost exclusively used the Synchronous api.

hadils 2020-08-03T01:19:11.071200Z

Thanks @lanejo01. Congratulations on joining Cognitect/Nubank!

Joe Lane 2020-08-03T01:19:33.071400Z


plexus 2020-08-03T08:22:22.072Z

For folks who are interested in Datalog databases in general please come and hang out with us over at #datalog

husayn 2020-08-03T12:15:28.072200Z

looks promising , thanks @bhurlow