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Jake Shelby 2020-08-17T21:48:57.199400Z

[datomic cloud] Trying to update my development solo stack to the latest version. Following the instructions from the documentation (as I understand them), I click “update” on the nested CF stack for “compute” … however, I am presented with a warning: > It is recommended to update through the root stack > Updating a nested stack may result in an unstable state where the nested stack is out-of-sync with its root stack. Is this something I should worry about, it’s not mentioned in the documentation (I’m I updating the wrong stack?)

kenny 2020-08-17T22:01:23.199600Z

Don't know the answer to your specific question but in the future I recommend always deploying storage and compute as separate stacks.

marshall 2020-08-17T23:25:09.199800Z

@jake.shelby you should split your stack before you upgrade

marshall 2020-08-17T23:25:24.200Z

you should definitely NOT upgrade a nested stack

marshall 2020-08-17T23:25:37.200200Z

see https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/operation/split-stacks.html

Jake Shelby 2020-08-17T23:40:09.200400Z

okay thanks, it wasn’t clear to me if a solo stack needed to be split at all (because these docs seemed to be specifically for production deployments)

marshall 2020-08-17T23:41:09.200600Z

ah, yes it should be

marshall 2020-08-17T23:41:15.200800Z

and we'll look at improving those docs

Jake Shelby 2020-08-17T23:41:46.201Z

great, thanks for the responsiveness!