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jeff.terrell 2020-09-30T00:43:03.140100Z

@onetom try switching the payload format version in the integration config for your API Gateway instance. Saying that based purely on memory so details may be off, but Iā€™m pretty sure I got cut by this exact issue and that was the solution that I eventually found.

onetom 2020-09-30T02:37:44.140700Z

@jeff.terrell thanks a lot for the advice. it worked indeed and I can even see how the JWT authorizer has decoded the token!

onetom 2020-09-30T02:38:03.140900Z

so i don't have to fall back to the old, RESTful-style API gateway creation

jeff.terrell 2020-09-30T03:15:02.141100Z

You're very welcome. Also keep an eye out for setting cookies. I ran into an issue where the value of my set cookie header in my ring response map was a vector rather than a string. Apparently this is legal in ring, but it didn't work in an Ions context. Again, going from memory here, but I think that was right. A simple middleware to detect such values and only take the first value out of the vector worked.

Ben Sless 2020-09-30T07:21:22.143300Z

Hi all, I have a silly question regarding the pricing model, maybe I'm just missing something: Is the pricing only of instances running Datomic (transactor, etc), or for application instances using the client library as well?

marshall 2020-09-30T13:26:54.144100Z

@ben.sless Datomic Cloud presumably? The pricing is only for the nodes/instances running Datomic Cloud software (the nodes started by the Cloudformation template)

onetom 2020-10-01T07:59:49.151400Z

@ben.sless i think this page answers that question well: https://www.datomic.com/get-datomic.html > All Datomic On-Prem licenses are perpetual and include all features: > > ā€¢ Unlimited Peers and/or Clients

Ben Sless 2020-09-30T13:32:11.144200Z

alright, then no charge for the number of clients, only for instances running Datomic itself. What about on-prem?

zilti 2020-09-30T13:43:41.145500Z

I've seen datomic.api/entity. How is it supposed to work? I give it the db plus a :db/id and it is then supposed to give me a map with all attributes? Or how do I use it? There is only documentation for the Java version, not the Clojure one.

zilti 2020-09-30T13:45:04.146Z

The immediate result is a map with the key :db/id and nothing else

marshall 2020-09-30T13:47:51.146400Z

documentation for entity: https://docs.datomic.com/on-prem/clojure/index.html#datomic.api/entity

marshall 2020-09-30T13:49:27.147700Z

however, you should also familiarize yourself with the pull API, as it provides much of the same functionality as entity (some differences), but is available in both peer and client

zilti 2020-09-30T14:24:45.149Z

Thanks, ah, so it only fetches the key names when explicitly asked! Well, I don't think I'll ever use the client library, but I have looked at pull as well (and use it regularly inside a query)

onetom 2020-10-01T08:01:19.151600Z

why do u think u would never use the client library?

zilti 2020-10-01T09:52:28.151800Z

We're using Datomic on-prem and only use Clojure, so there's simply no reason to

j 2020-09-30T17:52:04.150600Z

I'm running the free version datomic via https://github.com/fulcrologic/fulcro-rad-demo. How do I interface with datamic to peek inside it?