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tatut 2020-11-20T09:10:26.464400Z

cloud analytics isn’t connecting for me, idk how to troubleshoot this, ssh says channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connection refusedso I’m guessing the presto stuff isn’t running on the gateway properly on 8989 port

tatut 2020-11-23T06:52:02.472400Z

downgrading worked

tatut 2020-11-20T09:12:58.464500Z

seems presto-server can’t start:

[2020-11-20T11:12:05+02:00] (analytics-launcher-i-0d55456c7d45d2f92) Starting presto-server
[2020-11-20T11:12:05+02:00] (analytics-launcher-i-0d55456c7d45d2f92) java_props: -Dnode.id=ab602e6a-f4b7-47fc-840d-79cf355f6374 -Ddatomic.client.config='{:server-type :cloud      :region "eu-central-1"      :system "teet-datomic"      :endpoint "<http://entry.teet-datomic.eu-central-1.datomic.net:8182>"}'
[2020-11-20T11:12:05+02:00] (analytics-launcher-i-0d55456c7d45d2f92) presto_props --etc-dir=/opt/presto-etc   --node-config=/opt/presto-config/node.properties   --jvm-config=/opt/presto-config/jvm.config   --config=/opt/presto-config/config.properties
[2020-11-20T11:12:06+02:00] (analytics-launcher-i-0d55456c7d45d2f92) Started as 18945
[2020-11-20T11:12:12+02:00] (analytics-launcher-i-0d55456c7d45d2f92) Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot parse version
	at io.prestosql.server.JavaVersion.parse(JavaVersion.java:76)
	at io.prestosql.server.PrestoSystemRequirements.verifyJavaVersion(PrestoSystemRequirements.java:98)
	at io.prestosql.server.PrestoSystemRequirements.verifyJvmRequirements(PrestoSystemRequirements.java:44)
	at io.prestosql.server.PrestoServer.run(PrestoServer.java:90)
	at io.prestosql.$gen.Presto_329____20201120_091206_1.run(Unknown Source)
	at io.prestosql.server.PrestoServer.main(PrestoServer.java:72)

tatut 2020-11-20T09:36:21.464700Z

https://github.com/prestosql/presto/commit/e7eeeedcc9751c022ffb9df648ee5442cd421c32 the offending code seems to have been fixed in presto

joshkh 2020-11-20T09:43:48.464900Z

i don't think this is a composite tuple though. this is a heterogenous tuple.

favila 2020-11-20T13:04:14.465500Z

Heterogeneous tuples cannot contain refs

jaret 2020-11-20T21:13:38.467Z

@tatut Hi thank you for reporting this. We are working to ship a new version of Presto and Java to address this. I think I could potentially provide a work around if required, but we're working this weekend to get the version shipped. Please message me if you would like potential instructions for getting around this in the interim

Jake Shelby 2020-11-20T22:45:26.467200Z

only thing to keep in mind, is that, even if nothing changes, there will still be an empty transaction created (a single datom), and that will show up in the history DB - if you start he application a lot (several times a day), then that can add up to a lot of datoms over time...