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Joe Lane 2020-12-24T00:04:13.180400Z

Not sure how it was chosen but it is configurable to less or more if you desire. Why?

kenny 2020-12-24T00:04:34.180600Z

Just curious. Primarily because you said it used to be shorter.

kenny 2020-12-24T00:05:15.180800Z

It also seems important to add to the client API doc string. Couldn't find the info anywhere 🙂

kenny 2020-12-24T00:07:43.181500Z

I meant in the code

Joe Lane 2020-12-24T00:07:47.181800Z

Point taken though :)

kenny 2020-12-24T00:09:31.182Z

:limit specifies its default in the docstring