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akis 2021-02-17T01:44:30.289900Z

@souenzzo thanks for the suggestions, I know about datahike but didn't know about rdf and asami

akis 2021-02-17T01:48:02.290100Z

Just a quick update on my problem, in case it becomes relevant to anyone else. It turns out that CORS issues I was having were related to */* binary media type. After removing it, OPTION requests are resolving successfully, and other methods are properly authenticated with cognito

Joe Lane 2021-02-17T01:52:21.290700Z

Great to hear @alen !

Phil 2021-02-17T12:48:19.292500Z

Answering my question above re on-prem and create-database https://docs.datomic.com/client-api/datomic.client.api.html#var-create-database > > NOTE: create-database is not available with peer-server. > Use a Datomic Peer to create databases with Datomic On-Prem.

joshkh 2021-02-17T15:03:43.294500Z

collisions aside, are there any indexing and/or query performance benefits of using a uuid vs a string as some entity identifier? for example

{:player/id #uuid"cb7afbf9-95ca-4c5b-af42-b096342bae61"}
{:player/id "a4st390xrvskm9ecm452jbn"}

tvaughan 2021-02-17T15:11:47.294600Z

I asked a similar question, https://github.com/zelark/nano-id/issues/12#issuecomment-625522643 The answer appears to be that there's not much of a difference, https://clojurians-log.clojureverse.org/datomic/2020-05-08/1588924450.320800 (currently getting a gateway timeout error)

joshkh 2021-02-17T15:24:40.294900Z

that's perfect, thanks @tvaughan. go figure, i prefer UUIDs but i have to incorporate some string ids coming from a non-Datomic system. :man-shrugging: