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It is ambiguously worded

cjsauer 2021-04-11T16:36:16.240900Z

I think it’s less ambiguous and more just plain incorrect. It looks like a copy/paste of the heterogenous tuple bullet point that was then overlooked.


Maybe it was already fixed since you mentioned it, because I don't see that in the linked text

cjsauer 2021-04-11T17:25:57.242Z

Hm, still the same for me. From https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/schema/schema-reference.html#tuples, the text in question is: > https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/schema/schema-reference.html#homogeneous-tuples have a `:db/tupleType` attribute, whose value is a vector of 2-8 keywords naming a scalar value type. However :db/tupleType is cardinality one:

[#:db{:id 66
       :ident :db/tupleType
       :valueType #:db{:id 21, :ident :db.type/keyword}
       :cardinality #:db{:id 35, :ident :db.cardinality/one}}]


Ah, I was just clicking on the wrong link in your previous message

Oliver George 2021-04-11T22:28:11.242700Z

Tiny typo in the Datomic Cloud https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/schema/schema-reference.html. > :db/type/boolean