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jdkealy 2021-04-26T13:13:22.407500Z

Is there any way to get to use "next gen" instance types in the my-cf template

# AWS instance type. See <http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/> for
# a list of legal instance types.
as far as i can tell, the t2 machines are dated, while trying to use next gen throws an error, it doesn't recognize the type

kenny 2021-04-26T13:21:16.408400Z

No. I opened a feature request on this recently. If interested, you can vote for it there https://ask.datomic.com/index.php/604/support-for-recent-aws-instance-types

ghadi 2021-04-26T13:39:19.408700Z

@jdkealy may be asking about the on-prem template, not cloud

ghadi 2021-04-26T13:39:38.409200Z


jdkealy 2021-04-26T14:42:00.409700Z

yes, the on-prem template

jaret 2021-04-26T15:53:49.410800Z

Yeah, @jdkealy the on-prem template is provided as a convenience you can roll your own. Otherwise we'd have to include the new instance types in the next release with the template tooling.


Hey, I never thanked you for this response, so thank you! When we discussed it on the team that was definitely a solution that came up when we asked "how would we have done this in SQL-land". I personally suspect that something may be wrong with my recursive rules, but I'm still working through some of the details. Jaret posted a great set of questions for us, which I'm working on answering