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cjsauer 2021-05-23T17:09:50.035400Z

Question about optional query inputs: https://ask.datomic.com/index.php/616/how-to-gracefully-handle-optional-query-inputs

cjsauer 2021-05-25T15:16:23.091800Z

@kenny do you happen to use this technique to inject authorization constraints onto queries as well? Authorization seems to touch every query in my system, and it occurred to me I might be able to append those rules onto queries using generic helper functions..

kenny 2021-05-25T18:06:57.107100Z

We do not, sorry.

cjsauer 2021-05-26T17:25:47.114Z

No worries, just curious

kenny 2021-05-23T17:45:52.037200Z

On mobile so can’t write a full form answer but for these use cases, we’ll build queries programmatically. i.e., cond-> :in and :where.

cjsauer 2021-05-23T17:56:39.037500Z

I got a prototype of this working just before reading this. It’s actually a bit easier than I first anticipated.