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tatut 2021-06-08T04:39:17.172500Z

The same is mentioned in datomic cloud, but I don’t see any more details on it… and why does it say “two conflicting datoms” when I try to recreate this situation

cjsauer 2021-06-08T13:56:07.177300Z

Hello 👋 I’m having an issue with datomic’s http direct integration with api gateway in which the :uri key of the incoming request is always the root path "/" no matter what path I navigate to in the browser. I’ve tried seemingly every combination of “API mappings” in the AWS console, and still can’t seem to get the uri to flow through correctly. Has anyone hit this before?

cjsauer 2021-06-08T13:57:14.177400Z

“API mappings” as in custom domains, but the problem still persists even if I navigate directly to the apigw issued endpoint, side-stepping my custom domain altogether.

cjsauer 2021-06-08T14:05:12.177800Z

Ah! I just figured it out. My proxy integration had forgotten to include the {proxy} portion of the NLB endpoint URL as described in the tutorial http://$(NLB URI):port/{proxy} That fixed it!

cjsauer 2021-06-08T14:05:22.178Z