Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
Tom H. 2015-09-22T10:30:56.000184Z

Am I going crazy or did the test card used to have ticks and crosses?

bhauman 2015-09-22T13:16:04.000185Z

@tomisme: devcards went through a complete rewrite, got rid of all the extra fluff

Tom H. 2015-09-22T13:24:34.000186Z

@bhauman no worries, just a sanity check


I’m wondering how to reuse existing tests and show them in devcards


assume I have bunch of deftests in some other namespace, I want to import them into devcard namespace and create a bunch of cards with those tests embedded optionally with some additional documentation

bhauman 2015-09-22T22:02:42.000191Z

@darwin: this is easy, just use devcards.core /deftest is works for both cases.

bhauman 2015-09-22T22:03:10.000192Z

It defines the cljs.test as well as the devcards test


thanks, I will use it


I was hoping for “importing” existing deftests from other namespaces, but not sure if it would be possible


that would probably need a special defcard which could hook into cljs.test machinery