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@bhauman: thanks, I entered into a hackathon/contest for web audio/web midi so it's useful! It's organised by Google in Shanghai, they don't really operate in China but have a GDG thing going on. Only have until 8 oktober to deliver something on my own and have taken it upon me to use cljs (which I am still quite a beginner with), but I still have hope that I can deliver a basic synth :simple_smile:

bhauman 2015-09-29T15:04:13.000289Z

@bbss: your welcome and good luck. My code is kind of a mess and not meant for general consumption. I do have a file dedicated to web audio in sonic-cljs. But you may not find it helpful. :simple_smile:


I discovered that after you shared the link to the talk. I am still at a stage where a lot of stuff is helpful, like general clojure usage. I wasn't planning to use scales yet though. Just a playable keyboard with a oscillators as input (and maybe mic/line recording), And have basic effects (flanger delay distortion filter eq etc.) addable in lanes behind the inputs. I was thinking I can make use of the easy undo/recordability of clojure but the web audio api is like the rest of the dom pretty stateful and unlike dom elements there is no such thing as react to the rescue. So it might be harder than I'd like.


All too many features to realistically finish before that deadline though so curious what I'll end up with.