Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T16:25:31.000294Z

@bhauman: Really liked your strangeloop talk, looking forward to getting some time to dive into it. I can think of a whole bunch of things already where I wish I had it and a whole bunch more that I want to use it for now.

bhauman 2015-09-30T16:39:56.000295Z

@bbss it took me a long time to sort even a tiny bit of webaudio out, this talk gave me all the inspiration I needed though

bhauman 2015-09-30T16:40:47.000297Z

@shaun-mahood: yeah man, the point it is that it is sooo easy to extend and create the functionality you need

bhauman 2015-09-30T16:41:42.000298Z

@shaun-mahood: and also there is the point that you need to use it a while to kinda get it

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T16:43:15.000299Z

@bhauman: The video helped a lot to start understanding it at least, a better format I think than the docs or blog posts.

bhauman 2015-09-30T16:44:27.000300Z

@shaun-mahood: I'm "planning" on making a more complete video of its usage. This communication stuff is sooo freaking hard though

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T16:46:05.000301Z

No kidding, especially when you're experimenting on things yourself.

bhauman 2015-09-30T16:50:22.000302Z

@shaun-mahood: absolutely 😉

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T19:41:17.000303Z

@bhauman: Looks like the lein template is out of date somehow - just ran lein new devcards and got version 0.2.0 in my deps, but in the repo it's version 0.2.0-1

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:09:02.000304Z

That is really weird I wonder if clojars is having problems. I'm going to redeploy it.

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:09:08.000305Z

@shaun-mahood: ^

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:13:28.000306Z

@shaun-mahood: just redeployed it, seems to be working

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T20:27:28.000307Z

@bhauman: I still get the same thing on a new project - do I have to refresh somehow to see the new version? It's pulling lein-template- for me still.

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:28:56.000308Z

Well you could clear the devcards-template lib out of your maven repo.

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:29:29.000309Z should be giving you [devcards "0.2.0-1"]

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:30:53.000310Z

oh wow it doesn't go into the repo eh ...

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T20:31:00.000311Z

Yeah, I thought it should too but isn't. Not sure what's going on there. I upgraded to the newest lein before trying it, too.

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:31:21.000312Z

must be some caching going on

bhauman 2015-09-30T20:32:01.000313Z

maybe there is something in your profiles.clj that is normally the culprit

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T20:33:36.000314Z

Ok, if it's something just on my machine then it's not really worth fixing - going to try integrating devcards into an existing project anyway so no real benefit figuring it out if it's only a problem for me.

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T20:35:32.000315Z

I'll try it on another machine just to make sure it's not something else though

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T21:04:29.000316Z

Yeah, looks fine on another machine so not worth worrying about. Thanks for the help.

bhauman 2015-09-30T22:20:49.000317Z

updated devcards to support async testing "0.2.0-2"

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T22:23:35.000318Z

I put a pull request up to fix a typo in the readme - is that the easiest way for you to get stuff like that fixed?

bhauman 2015-09-30T22:28:12.000319Z

yeah that works great :simple_smile:

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T22:29:47.000320Z

Ok awesome

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T22:35:11.000321Z

Can't figure out where I missed this, I'm sure it must be an easy fix. I've split things up so my devcards build does the devcards stuff and my dev build does the rest - is there a way to get both builds running at the same time from one figwheel instance?

bhauman 2015-09-30T22:36:36.000322Z

yes lein figwheel dev devcards

shaun-mahood 2015-09-30T22:37:42.000323Z

ok great. Might be worthwhile to throw that in the devcards readme as well - it's the first time I've ever wanted to use 2 profiles at once.