Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
bhauman 2015-10-02T00:09:11.000339Z

@shaun-mahood: not possible or desirable that would make the normal use path very cumbersome. I'm trying to make sure that the body of the cards are not encumbered with some crazy css. I could use some help reviewing and making sure that this is the case.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-02T14:04:59.000340Z

@bhauman: Sounds good to me. I'm going to be playing with the styles a bit and will let you know if I run into anything that I have trouble changing.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-02T16:00:49.000341Z

@bhauman: Is there a good alternative to setting body {overflow-x: hidden;} in com_rigsomelight_devcards.css that still does what you want for the main use cases? I want to test a ui component at different set widths and think the horizontal scroll bar should be there when the component is set wider than the window.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-02T16:44:43.000343Z

@bhauman: Would it be possible to display the number of passing, failing and total tests at the namespace level when on the home devcards page?

shaun-mahood 2015-10-02T16:54:51.000347Z

Started a repo for my experiments with devcards