Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
bhauman 2015-10-03T14:06:10.000002Z

@shaun-mahood: maybe eventually we can provide the number of passing and failing tests according to namespace. But this is a non trivial problem that will take a bit of thought.

bhauman 2015-10-03T17:39:49.000003Z

@shaun-mahood: I'm going to work on the CSS this weekend. I'm going to isolate the overflow-x stuff as an aspect that is easy to opt into via classes on body.

bhauman 2015-10-03T23:31:17.000004Z

Added some documentation for the Devcards CSS strategy. The Addons part hasn't been deployed yet.!/devdemos.css_opt_out @shaun-mahood

bhauman 2015-10-03T23:35:49.000005Z

Darn, looking at the code base I realize I have a bunch of documenting to do. How ironic ...