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ricardo 2015-10-13T15:28:54.000242Z


ricardo 2015-10-13T15:29:41.000243Z

Having a weird issue with devcards on a particular instance. Seems that for some reason it sometimes does not get included on the resulting js.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-13T15:30:39.000244Z

@ricardo: Are you running through figwheel?

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:31:20.000245Z

@shaun-mahood: No, it's for a Chrome plugin, so lein chromebuild. Worked just fine on my desktop, testing it today from the laptop it's wonky.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:31:37.000246Z

As in sometimes it ends up there, sometimes it doesn't.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:33:24.000247Z

Only using :whitespace for optimizations.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:34:07.000248Z

Up until recently it worked if I did a clean first, then full rebuild. It just stopped working that way.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-13T15:35:25.000249Z

Are you following the instructions from the readme on using devcards without figwheel or as a standalone website?

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:38:56.000250Z

@shaun-mahood: Yes. I've been using it for a couple of days, only started getting this issue today. Can't figure out what changed.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:39:37.000251Z

Nothing relevant on the project file, I only added a new namespace for more tests.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-13T15:41:15.000252Z

@ricardo: Weird. You could try changing the optimizations and see if that makes a difference. I'm wondering if it's a chromebuild specific issue.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:42:47.000253Z

@shaun-mahood: I considered that, but it seems that all it does is call cljsbuild and move some files to a specified folder.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:43:09.000255Z

The files it moves wouldn't have an effect on this. They're stuff like the manifest.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:43:59.000256Z

So whatever's happening should be at cljsbuild time.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-13T15:44:33.000257Z

Can you share it at all? I'd be happy to try it on my machine and see if I can see anything obvious. Outside of that, not sure I have any bright ideas.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:46:04.000258Z

Sure, this is supposed to be open source when I'm done with it. Let me bash my head against this wall a bit more before I bother you, then I'll post it.

shaun-mahood 2015-10-13T15:46:38.000259Z

@ricardo: Ok sounds good

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:55:48.000260Z

Hmpf. And this happens even from the repository version, if I stash all changes and clean.

ricardo 2015-10-13T15:56:22.000261Z

I guess it's time to push, switch machines and confirm it's environment-specific.

ricardo 2015-10-13T16:10:56.000262Z

Yeah, nevermind. Get it on the desktop now as well. Grr. Happy fun git-bisect time.

ricardo 2015-10-13T16:14:28.000263Z

Did we get an answer on start-devcard-ui!* being private?