Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
bhauman 2015-10-14T03:39:51.000264Z

it doesn't need to be anymore.

bhauman 2015-10-14T03:40:46.000265Z

@ricardo: I'm available tomorrow if you need help.

ricardo 2015-10-14T06:14:23.000266Z

@bhauman: While looking into dependency issues that might be causing that problem, I noticed that devcards depends on react 0.13.1-0, but sablono depends on a more recent version 0.13.3.-0.

ricardo 2015-10-14T06:15:10.000267Z

I was about to submit a pull request syncing them… then realized there’s a few other more recent dependencies.

ricardo 2015-10-14T06:16:04.000269Z

Any objections to my sending a PR updating reagent, react, ClojureScript and OM? If not, do I version it as 0.2.0-4?

ricardo 2015-10-14T10:30:57.000270Z

Hmpf. So I was about to release this on Gitlab, to give them a fair shake, then they started returning 503. 😞

ricardo 2015-10-14T10:37:56.000271Z

OK, they’re back. :simple_smile:

bhauman 2015-10-14T12:28:49.000273Z

@ricardo: PR welcome :)

ricardo 2015-10-14T14:29:03.000274Z

@bhauman: Cool, I’ll send it in later today. I take it you’re fine with v 0.2.0-4.

frankhale 2015-10-14T14:49:02.000275Z

This isn't high priority or anything but wanted to report it. I tried Clojure 1.8.0-beta1 in my devcards app and running lein figwheel results in the following error:

ricardo 2015-10-14T15:13:06.000277Z

@bhauman: PR Submitted. Tested it locally against khroma-tests

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:31:50.000278Z

@frankhale: can you make an issue for that?

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:32:12.000279Z

@ricardo: So devcards is compiling ok now??

ricardo 2015-10-14T15:33:26.000280Z

@bhauman: Yes. It was related to changes on a new namespace, which did not have devcards on :require, just on :require-macros. If cljsbuild had to recompile because just that one had changed, devcards did not end up being included.

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:36:10.000282Z

@ricardo: only for that file? or the whole project?

ricardo 2015-10-14T15:36:47.000283Z

It did not end up on the final khroma_test .js - I’m compiling with :whitespace.

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:37:50.000286Z

@ricardo: that is still not what I would expect

ricardo 2015-10-14T15:39:10.000287Z

@bhauman: I can try and repro again later. Did not try to confirm it regressed if I removed it again and then edited just that .cljs - was tired to chasing it.

frankhale 2015-10-14T15:39:26.000288Z

sure thing

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:40:09.000289Z

@ricardo: yeah no worries it's a good thing to know about. This conditional code thing is going to continue to cause people problems.

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:40:50.000290Z

If people have ideas around how to do this better I am open to it.

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:42:02.000291Z

I may change the tutorial to be more like (:require [devcards.core :as dc :refer-macros [defcard]]) and then mention conditional inclusion as an option

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:43:26.000292Z

If you want the potential of having your cards inline with your prod code then mention the steps to do that. I think that will save a lot of confusion.

ricardo 2015-10-14T15:44:48.000294Z

Let me get more familiar with it (and confirm that was indeed the problem) before I comment.

ricardo 2015-10-14T15:45:25.000295Z

Since on this project I’m always using it, I haven’t really tried to bring them into a project where I don’t want them on production (although that’ll happen soon).

frankhale 2015-10-14T15:45:40.000296Z

is it possible to run 'lein figwheel' and have it start an https server rather than http?

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:46:54.000297Z

@frankhale: nope, but you can use a tunneler like

bhauman 2015-10-14T15:47:14.000299Z

I need to write a FAQ

frankhale 2015-10-14T15:47:33.000300Z


frankhale 2015-10-14T15:50:31.000301Z

I don't think tunnels will work in my use case

frankhale 2015-10-14T15:50:41.000302Z

I need to figure out a way to run a HTTPS server instead of HTTP

frankhale 2015-10-14T15:51:27.000303Z

my app requests a secure api, injects an iframe and I need to inspect the iframe contents and cannot do that since my original protocol HTTP is different from the injected iframes protocol HTTPS

frankhale 2015-10-14T15:58:33.000304Z

is figwheel using ring under the hood to start the server up?

frankhale 2015-10-14T15:58:47.000305Z

I'm digging into the code now

frankhale 2015-10-14T16:00:01.000306Z

I found the code

frankhale 2015-10-14T16:03:18.000307Z

the princess I'm looking for isn't in that castle

frankhale 2015-10-14T16:07:28.000308Z

I guess I need to set up a HTTPS server like nginx or lighttpd in front and proxy to my devcards app so I can make this work

ricardo 2015-10-14T16:16:59.000309Z

Oh by the way @bhauman, khroma-tests is where I get that rendering aberration you pointed out on Twitter.

bhauman 2015-10-14T16:18:15.000310Z

@frankhale: that is what tunnels is. It's an HTTPS proxy

bhauman 2015-10-14T16:18:58.000312Z

@ricardo: very cool, I'll have to check it out and load em up!!

ricardo 2015-10-14T16:38:20.000313Z

@bhauman: Confirming the build issue - it’s not a Heisenbug. If I go to khroma-tests.runtime and remove the devcards.core reference from :require, it does not get included on the resulting .js

ricardo 2015-10-14T16:39:12.000314Z

@bhauman: Even further… if I remove it from other namespaces (tried storage and browser-action) build does go through correctly. It’s something with runtime.

bhauman 2015-10-14T16:40:45.000315Z

@ricardo: cool! thanks, I will keep that in mind when I look at it

bhauman 2015-10-14T16:40:52.000316Z

super helpful

ricardo 2015-10-14T16:41:59.000317Z

This is all while lein chromebuild auto is running.

frankhale 2015-10-14T16:55:36.000318Z

@bhauman: can't actually try tunnels yet because I can't get a working Ruby dev environment to install and work on Windows

frankhale 2015-10-14T16:55:38.000319Z


frankhale 2015-10-14T16:55:47.000320Z

can't build native modules

bhauman 2015-10-14T16:56:29.000321Z

sorry for the goose chase

frankhale 2015-10-14T17:00:31.000322Z

nah, I'm at a dead stop right now so I have plenty of time to troubleshoot this ruby install 😃