Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript

@bhauman: great work on this!! Quick question, is there a quick/hard way or best practices to customise the html in the index page? ie: my namespaces are accumulating and i would like to display them as a collapsable tree..... thanks!!

bhauman 2015-10-17T12:32:06.000333Z

@jabanses: your name is hard to type/autocomplete on a phone :) I would look at segmenting ns portion of the :path with iDevcardOptions!/devdemos.custom_cards

bhauman 2015-10-17T12:33:42.000334Z

But I suppose the function that renders the body of index page could be pluggable


@bhauman: fixed username thanks :simple_smile: gonna look into iDevcardOptions, still a newbie here... yeah, plugging the render function of index would open so many possibilities :simple_smile:

bhauman 2015-10-17T13:23:32.000336Z

@jabanses: Right now the structure of the data doesn't allow for this to be done easily at all. The internals allow for arbitrary nested paths already this complicates the requirements for a renderer. At the same time it's probably a good idea to clean this up so that it can be handed off to an third party renderer. Just thinking out load... Another thing to consider is that it may be better to address the problem by adding a search/complete/jump feature like ido in emacs?

bhauman 2015-10-17T13:23:46.000337Z

I guess, in short, its not coming in the near term


@bhauman: "I guess, in short, its not coming in the near term" no worries about that... i am gonna investigate the possibilities I have now for my use gives me a good excuse to take a peek and learn from the internals. thanks!!