Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
bhauman 2015-11-20T12:18:19.000019Z

@profil: devcards 0.2.1 requires react 14

bhauman 2015-11-20T12:25:04.000020Z

@joshfrench: there is a :classname option and if you inspect the dom you will see that the ns is added as a classname.

tony.kay 2015-11-20T19:50:40.000022Z

anyone have an idea how to get nested lists to work in markdown in a devcard? It seems to elide the leading space and my bullet lists end up flat

bhauman 2015-11-20T19:59:15.000023Z

@tony.kay: sorry I made some decisions allow you to indent the whole block of documentation. Currently its not smart enough to allow nested buttleted lists.

bhauman 2015-11-20T19:59:52.000024Z

The code is there if you want to have a go.

tony.kay 2015-11-20T20:00:53.000025Z

@bhauman: point me to the right spot, and I just might :simple_smile:

bhauman 2015-11-20T20:03:46.000028Z

@tony.kay: ^

tony.kay 2015-11-20T20:45:28.000029Z


tony.kay 2015-11-20T20:58:49.000030Z

@bhauman: You mind if I file this as an issue and assign it to myself?

tony.kay 2015-11-20T20:58:59.000031Z

I'll work on it, but in the middle of other things

bhauman 2015-11-20T20:59:53.000032Z

@tony.kay: sounds good, my only concern is that I don't want to break everyones markdown

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:00:09.000033Z

yep. I'll sense the left edge.

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:00:10.000034Z

everyone being about 20 people I guess

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:00:17.000035Z

I'm betting it is a lot more

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:00:49.000036Z

@tony.kay: the left edge may be ragged for some folks because its currently forgiving.

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:01:07.000037Z

I was going to just run through the lines and find the first one that starts a bullet, and record that as the "left edge" of bullets...then trim those by that

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:01:19.000039Z

oh perfect

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:01:23.000040Z

(trim just the bullet items that way)

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:01:45.000043Z

k. Will do. You need a CA or anything for a PR?

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:05:57.000044Z

@tony.kay: nope just willingness to participate

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:06:06.000045Z


tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:06:07.000046Z

excited to :simple_smile:

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:06:38.000047Z

Writing an Om tutorial in devcards as we speak

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:18:17.000048Z


tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:49:35.000049Z

@bhauman: Can I define a card (with hidden) then render it later in the doc?

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:49:57.000050Z

trying to show the source of a card with mkdn-pprint-source

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:50:03.000051Z

and then show the card

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:50:39.000052Z

Can you get the source of a card??

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:51:03.000053Z

or that

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:51:11.000054Z

I didn't think that was possible

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:51:12.000055Z

I can get the source of a card

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:51:17.000056Z

oh wow

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:51:19.000057Z


tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:51:19.000058Z

but only if it is earlier in the doc

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:51:20.000059Z


tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:51:23.000060Z

emergent design

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:51:36.000061Z


bhauman 2015-11-20T21:52:36.000062Z

I dont' think you can do that

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:53:20.000063Z

oh wait

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:53:21.000064Z

well you can't do that, but I have been thinking about including/referencing cards and namespaces of cards from other namespaces

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:53:35.000065Z

you're right, I was mistaken. I'm not able to do that :simple_smile:

bhauman 2015-11-20T21:53:47.000066Z

well that makes it easier

tony.kay 2015-11-20T21:53:49.000067Z

I confused myself by having typed it into the doc string

tony.kay 2015-11-20T22:29:33.000068Z

@bhauman: Looks like devcards mkdn-pprint-source can't handle #js reader tag. Hints on hacking that? I'm just using clj->js for now

tony.kay 2015-11-20T22:29:43.000069Z

but that makes for bad example code to show users :simple_smile: