Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
tony.kay 2015-12-06T04:22:24.000096Z

@bhauman: Any chance we can get a version bump on devcards? I'm writing Om tutorial using them, and I really need the fix to bullet list nesting that I contributed. I guess I could push an unofficial version under my own namespace to clojars if you need to wait.

tony.kay 2015-12-06T04:24:11.000097Z

or even a SNAPSHOT version of 0.2.1-1

bhauman 2015-12-06T13:34:36.000098Z

@tony.kay: you got it. I'll get one out today

tony.kay 2015-12-06T18:16:31.000099Z

@bhauman: Thanks!