Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
peeja 2016-01-04T16:25:45.000170Z

I'm a little confused about the cards.html. Is there a way to keep that from becoming part of the production site?

adammiller 2016-01-04T19:06:04.000171Z

@peeja: if you are using lein you could use the uberjar-exclusions i’d think

peeja 2016-01-04T19:06:53.000172Z

I suppose that would work

spieden 2016-01-04T20:52:57.000174Z

is anyone successfully using devcards with reagent 0.5.1? seems like they have an incompatible react version dep

adammiller 2016-01-04T21:11:49.000175Z

@spieden: did you try it using whichever uses the latest version and just exclude it from the other? Or exclude if from both and add dependency in yourself.

spieden 2016-01-04T21:12:09.000176Z

@adammiller: yes i’ve been trying that

spieden 2016-01-04T21:12:36.000177Z

now i’m attempting to merge a project generated by the lein template (which works) into my own

spieden 2016-01-04T21:49:32.000178Z

hmm, a lein clean eventually did it =\

spieden 2016-01-04T21:49:38.000179Z

some bad state creeping in

peeja 2016-01-04T21:59:46.000180Z

Is there a stable version of Om that works with Devcards?

peeja 2016-01-04T22:00:29.000181Z

It looks to me like Devcards requires React 0.14, which isn't supported until Om 1.0.0's alphas

spieden 2016-01-04T22:39:57.000182Z

@peeja i just hit the same issue with reagent — 0.14 not supported yet

spieden 2016-01-04T22:41:11.000183Z

i’m trying just bumping it and seeing what happens 😓

peeja 2016-01-04T22:41:29.000184Z

@spieden: I'm rolling back to 0.2.0, which is React 0.13

spieden 2016-01-04T22:41:46.000185Z

i tried that and hit different problems, but that was before i tried lein clean

spieden 2016-01-04T22:48:32.000186Z

working now for me too

spieden 2016-01-04T22:52:11.000187Z

@peeja do you know any way to have an interactive devcard without ns level state in e.g. an atom?

peeja 2016-01-04T22:53:57.000188Z

@spieden: You can give a card initial state and it'll pass it to you as an atom

peeja 2016-01-04T22:54:03.000189Z

See the BMI demo here:

peeja 2016-01-04T22:54:31.000192Z!/devdemos.core

spieden 2016-01-04T23:23:25.000193Z

@peeja thanks