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currentoor 2016-02-19T06:13:58.000007Z

Hello, I’ve almost got devcards setup just one issue. I’ve got my widget component in a namespace called app.components.widget.text and I’ve got devcards for that widget in cards.widget.text. When I edit app.components.widget.text I can see that the code is reloaded in the js console but the devcards do not update/re-render with the latest component code. But if (after editing the component) I change the :inspect-data value in a devcard then they all re-render with the latest component code.

currentoor 2016-02-19T06:14:57.000008Z

Ideally I’d like to keep my cards and component in separate namespaces but still have the cards re-render when I edit the component source.

currentoor 2016-02-19T06:15:02.000009Z

Is there some naming convention I have to follow?

currentoor 2016-02-19T07:30:46.000011Z

I think I figured it out. The component needs to be required in the root namespace that renders the tree to begin with.