Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
escherize 2016-06-09T03:46:46.000006Z

@erichmond: I would reccomend taking a look at p-frame, a prototype I'm making to get re-frame and devcards working.

escherize 2016-06-09T03:47:10.000007Z

it uses pure-frame to setup multiple frames (seperate stores for handlers/app-db/subscriptions).

escherize 2016-06-09T03:47:19.000008Z

escherize 2016-06-09T03:48:46.000010Z

I've gotten about halfway there - being able to setup multiple frames

shem 2016-06-09T09:25:52.000011Z

if you only need one defcard per page, or don't mind about the common state, it works nicely

erichmond 2016-06-09T19:41:44.000012Z