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kauko 2016-06-20T19:23:37.000006Z

@bhauman: I'm trying to use Devcards with Rum+Carry, but the problem is that the card expects the initial data to be either an Atom, or a map. I'm trying to supply it a carry/EntangledReference which is pretty much a read-only atom, but it does not accept it. Neither does it accept anything created by funcool/lentes.

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:25:25.000007Z

@kauko: wrap what you need in a map, and then unwrap it before providing using it

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:25:37.000008Z

wrap it in an atom I mean

kauko 2016-06-20T19:26:02.000009Z

The data inspector does not work then

kauko 2016-06-20T19:26:21.000010Z

That is because of carry, not because of devcards

kauko 2016-06-20T19:26:30.000011Z

but I think it's possible to make devcards work with carry

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:28:49.000012Z

don't really have any suggestions for you right now

kauko 2016-06-20T19:29:27.000013Z

Does the data-inspector really need an atom, or just something it can dereference?

kauko 2016-06-20T19:29:37.000014Z

or watch? Because both of those are implemented

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:30:21.000015Z

good point, the atom test could just check for those, I'm pretty sure

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:30:44.000016Z

If you want to take a stab at a PR, I'll look at it

kauko 2016-06-20T19:30:51.000017Z

The history thingy probably needs the state to be writable though, right?

kauko 2016-06-20T19:31:13.000018Z

But for that I could create a lense (I believe that's the term?) with lentes.

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:31:30.000019Z

I'm pretty sure it keeps its own history of snapshots,

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:31:48.000020Z

the history shouldn't be affected at all

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:32:07.000021Z

as long as deref works

kauko 2016-06-20T19:32:17.000022Z

oh, cool!

kauko 2016-06-20T19:32:35.000023Z

I can try making a PR. That would actually be first ever OS contribution to Clojure, yikes 😄

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:32:51.000024Z


bhauman 2016-06-20T19:33:52.000025Z

nope sorry it does neet to be an atom for the history to work

kauko 2016-06-20T19:33:59.000026Z

It will take until next week though. I'm away for the rest of the week, we're celebrating midsummer here in Finland this weekend 🍻

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:34:28.000027Z

if you search for atom in the devcards.core source

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:35:15.000028Z

it will be helpful

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:35:28.000029Z

but it might be more difficult than you think

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:36:08.000030Z

and than I thought

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:37:18.000031Z

yeah, the atom-like? function is already

(defn atom-like? [x] (and (satisfies? IWatchable x) (satisfies? IDeref x)))

bhauman 2016-06-20T19:37:55.000032Z

so there are some other things going on