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fdserr 2018-06-07T02:53:16.000124Z

@bhauman done, not getting better. Just for feeback, I hardcoded devcards.util.utils/devcards-active? to return true, it does the trick. I'm gonna give a try to a patch when I can (prolly week-end lol). Briefly, where and how did you intend to set the devcards flag? xxx.cljs.edn or figwheel-main.edn?

fdserr 2018-06-07T02:58:34.000084Z

--- Bingo. Flag set in xxx.cljs.edn, et voila:

{:main de2e.core
 :figwheel {:devcards true}}

bhauman 2018-06-07T02:59:05.000026Z

@fdserr you need to put the cards in a separate ns and then require the ns

fdserr 2018-06-07T02:59:26.000147Z

Done, everything okay now 🙏

bhauman 2018-06-07T02:59:34.000137Z

that flag has no effect whatsoever

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:00:15.000125Z

you probably needed to clean between runs

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:00:33.000154Z

there is nothing in figwheel.main that uses that flag

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:04:05.000001Z

BTW how do you clean using CLI?

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:07:11.000191Z

rm -rf

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:07:55.000224Z

oh yeah you are right about the flag!!!

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:08:04.000140Z

so sorry I forgot about that

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:08:21.000122Z

I really need to change that,

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:08:23.000146Z

LOL pushed to The flag does effect the cards showing or not. FW rebuilds on restart it seems.

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:09:24.000216Z

Nothing to be sorry about Bruce, I am sorry bothering you^

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:10:44.000098Z

Lolled about rm -rf to clean... smthg missing in CLI^

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:12:40.000026Z

devcards should default to on, and should be turned off explicitly

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:12:40.000166Z

Look, I'm gonna put an issue on fw.main repo with the workaround. If/when you have time, explain the intent and I'll see for a patch okay?

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:15:26.000029Z

actually isn't the flag supposed to be {:main yada.core :devcards true}

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:16:22.000027Z

as detailed here:

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:19:04.000075Z

suppose it'd work as well. but in the lein template you've always set :figwheel { :devcards true} ;; <- note this, that's for a fw+devcards build. I set plain :devcards true when I want a build with cards but no figwheel (production cards, sort of)

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:20:53.000146Z

if you are using figwheel.main with CLI :devcards true is the only thing that should work

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:22:06.000225Z

oh and if you used cljs.main just once, it could have cached something badly

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:22:40.000057Z

dang all these issues, it was a bad idea try and make devcards dissappear from the source code

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:23:58.000214Z

it rarely works properly and it definitely makes them hard to configure

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:24:49.000185Z

but for your current situation, I'd delete ~/.cljs, and set :devcards true

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:25:23.000094Z

otherwise they will disappear again probably

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:26:32.000224Z

lol, chill, you're doing awesome, devcards rarely don't work for us, on the contrary 😃 now clj/cljs.main are big changes, and fw.main must be tough job. but worth, I see a great improvement on compile times and startup.

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:28:24.000027Z

I'll do as you advise, more testing, with hard refresh... but if you checkout the code, you'll see it works with just un/commenting the flag and restart fw.main.

bhauman 2018-06-07T03:32:25.000199Z

@fdserr they don't show up

fdserr 2018-06-07T03:38:24.000221Z

Yup. Just experiencing the cache trouble. Very hard to diagnose in this context. Mike/Dave must have a cache switch, else I don't see how they can work in this mess. Need to switch task, will try again later, talk to you soon 🙏