Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
bhauman 2018-09-05T20:26:06.000100Z

I’ve just deployed devcards 0.2.6

bhauman 2018-09-05T20:26:33.000100Z

dpsutton 2018-09-05T20:30:32.000100Z

@bhauman i wanted to do this when i did the projection function but i ran out of time. How easy would it be to add a small toggle to the projection display to toggle between your projection function and identity

bhauman 2018-09-05T20:32:51.000100Z

your talking about a toggle in the ui?

bhauman 2018-09-05T20:34:48.000100Z

@dpsutton ^

dpsutton 2018-09-05T20:38:37.000100Z

yes sorry

bhauman 2018-09-05T22:19:08.000100Z

I’m not sure that’s a route I want to go down, we may want to look at something more general than that

bhauman 2018-09-05T22:20:04.000100Z

and also maybe you need to look at creating a custom card

bhauman 2018-09-05T22:21:47.000100Z

or maybe you need to make a wrapper fn for the inspector to do what you are wanting it to do

bhauman 2018-09-05T22:22:13.000100Z

so a function that includes the toggle you are talking about