Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript
Dormo 2018-12-05T08:08:18.002100Z

I was hoping for something that could work for individual cards.

ClashTheBunny 2018-12-05T16:49:59.003300Z

If you look at!/devdemos.defcard_api, you will see options for :frame and :padding and :classname. Between those, you can make any devcard look like anything.

ClashTheBunny 2018-12-05T16:50:36.003900Z

To be more extreme, you can totally override all CSS with this:!/devdemos.css_opt_out

ClashTheBunny 2018-12-05T16:50:45.004200Z

That way you can make it look like anything you want.