Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
cfleming 2015-06-10T02:39:45.000735Z

Cursive 0.1.55 is (finally!) out, bringing type inference in the editor for much nicer Java interop: https://cursiveclojure.com/archive/1243.html

danielcompton 2015-06-10T02:49:46.000736Z

@cfleming: lotta meth in this new release

cfleming 2015-06-10T02:50:20.000737Z

@danielcompton: Yeah, it turned out huge - much bigger than I expected.

cfleming 2015-06-10T02:50:48.000738Z

@danielcompton: I had plenty of rabbit holes still to go down, but I had to draw the line somewhere!

borkdude 2015-06-10T06:55:16.000739Z

@bozhidar: When I start an inferior-lisp program with Prelude, I can't send it expressions with C-x C-e etc. Should I be able to?

borkdude 2015-06-10T06:55:51.000740Z

I am using inferior-lisp to start 'lein figwheel' which gives a cljs repl

bozhidar 2015-06-10T06:57:58.000742Z

seems to me you should be using inf-clojure actually

bozhidar 2015-06-10T06:58:50.000743Z

to be able to send some expressions with inferior-lisp from a Clojure buffer you have to enable there some minor mode

bozhidar 2015-06-10T06:59:16.000744Z

haven’t used this in a while, so I don’t really remember the exact workflow

bozhidar 2015-06-10T06:59:37.000745Z

I vaguely remember there was some integration with clojure-mode in the past

bozhidar 2015-06-10T06:59:52.000746Z

but I removed in when I wrote inf-clojure

borkdude 2015-06-10T07:00:26.000747Z


borkdude 2015-06-10T07:00:35.000748Z

I'll try that then

borkdude 2015-06-10T07:01:03.000749Z

@bozhidar: is inf-clojure compatible with cider? I want to use both, but inferior-lisp only sometimes

bozhidar 2015-06-10T07:01:37.000750Z

you can’t used them in the same time

bozhidar 2015-06-10T07:01:51.000751Z

as their minor modes share the same keybindings

bozhidar 2015-06-10T07:02:10.000752Z

but if you’re using one a time, everything will be fine

borkdude 2015-06-10T07:02:26.000753Z

that's what I meant yes

bozhidar 2015-06-10T07:02:30.000754Z

having them both installed is not a problem

bozhidar 2015-06-10T07:26:37.000755Z

a shameless self-plug - http://blog.cognitect.com/cognicast/080

borkdude 2015-06-10T07:27:04.000757Z

@bozhidar: I was already planning to listen it during my gym workout today :simple_smile:

bozhidar 2015-06-10T07:27:09.000758Z

if you’re interested in cider & emacs you might find this podcast interesting

bozhidar 2015-06-10T07:27:24.000759Z

@borkdude: nice :simple_smile:

erichmond 2015-06-10T10:53:43.000760Z

@bozhidar: your style guide was hugely influential when I started with clojure. Thanks!

martinklepsch 2015-06-10T10:55:33.000761Z

@bozhidar: I was recently discussing conventions for naming protocol impl functions and didn’t find anything in the style guide, you think that’d be something worth adding?

ppold 2015-06-10T14:06:07.000762Z

How do spacemacs/evil users deal with executing C-x C-e at the last paren in normal mode? The command runs on the PREVIOUS paren 😧

bozhidar 2015-06-10T14:41:38.000764Z

@martinklepsch: Sure. PRs welcome!

bozhidar 2015-06-10T14:41:48.000765Z

@erichmond: Thanks!

chris 2015-06-10T14:54:47.000766Z

@bozhidar: listening to your cognicast episode right now, this is great

jballanc 2015-06-10T19:02:08.000767Z

@ppold: There’s a GitHub issue for that: https://github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/issues/646

jballanc 2015-06-10T19:02:38.000769Z

I was able to fix it just by following the advice about evil-move-cursor-back

ppold 2015-06-10T22:23:22.000772Z

@jballanc: awesome! I subscribed to that thread to know when they accept the PR.