Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
cfleming 2015-06-13T20:05:23.000981Z

not-much-io: Switching the dropdown doesn’t actually start a CLJS REPL, that’s just there so you can indicate to Cursive what the type of the current REPL actually is if it doesn’t autodetect it correctly.

cfleming 2015-06-13T20:05:51.000982Z

not-much-io: You’ll still have to actually start the CLJS REPL following the quickstart or using an nREPL implementation of some kind.

rauh 2015-06-13T21:11:45.000983Z

For the very last gif in: https://cursiveclojure.com/userguide/editing.html , what do I have to press to get that menu pop up?