Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
danielcompton 2015-06-16T02:02:24.001101Z

In IntelliJ on a Mac, Im trying to bind Option B to move backwards. I can bind it correctly, but whenever I use it, it types instead of performing the action. The same happens on any Option+letter combo that Mac OS X helps you with. Does anyone know how to make IntelliJ grab it first before Mac OS X tries to transform it?

danielcompton 2015-06-16T02:38:39.001103Z

Looks like this is it http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11876485/how-to-disable-typing-special-characters-when-pressing-option-key-in-mac-os-x (1 min google with right words found it this time)

danielcompton 2015-06-16T02:42:46.001105Z

Actually, looks like JDK8u60 solves this

cfleming 2015-06-16T03:35:24.001107Z

@erichmond: If you’d like interactive help feel free to ping me here, but @sveri is right that definite problems should probably go in the tracker for posterity.

borkdude 2015-06-16T08:18:02.001108Z

How do I put a breakpoint in Cursive while connected to a remote REPL, is that possible? @cfleming

cfleming 2015-06-16T15:34:09.001113Z

@borkdude: You have to start the remote process in debug mode and connect the debugger to it.

cfleming 2015-06-16T15:34:31.001115Z

@borkdude: Let me dig up some mailing list threads, one sec

cfleming 2015-06-16T15:35:07.001116Z

@borkdude: See https://cursiveclojure.com/archive/1235.html and the other thread linked there

borkdude 2015-06-16T15:36:03.001117Z

@cfleming: thanks

erichmond 2015-06-16T17:34:01.001118Z

@cfleming: cool, I will probably do both then. Thanks for cursive btw, its been phenomenal!

rauh 2015-06-16T19:14:41.001119Z

I'm getting some request trying to hack me with ../../.../../etc/passwd on my fighweel repl. Is there an option I can bind it to localhost only? (Which should be the default IMO)

damionjunk 2015-06-16T20:45:25.001120Z

anyone using cursive ever run into issues with auto-complete and doc string lookups? sometimes, I’ll add a new require to my namespace, and am unable to lookup docs.

danielcompton 2015-06-16T23:21:57.001121Z

@damionjunk: was it already in your project.clj?

damionjunk 2015-06-16T23:39:29.001122Z

@danielcompton: yeah. fresh REPL / etc.

danielcompton 2015-06-16T23:40:13.001123Z

I’d recommend finding a reproducible case (if possible) and posting it to the Cursive bug tracker. Colin’s pretty responsive on bugs there

damionjunk 2015-06-16T23:41:10.001124Z

yeah, good idea. i’ll see if I can figure out a general way to reproduce.

damionjunk 2015-06-16T23:42:21.001125Z

currently, I have datomic.api in my NS declaration, and no docs come up, but I can eval the methods and the calls work.