Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
cfleming 2015-06-17T00:29:21.001127Z

@damionjunk: It’s because datomic is AOT compiled and closed source. See https://github.com/cursiveclojure/cursive/issues/38 and https://github.com/cursiveclojure/cursive/issues/708 for details.

cfleming 2015-06-17T00:29:47.001129Z

@erichmond: Thanks! Glad it’s working well for you.

damionjunk 2015-06-17T00:30:21.001130Z

@cfleming: Ah ok! That removes uncertainty WRT what’s going on!

cfleming 2015-06-17T00:31:54.001131Z

@damionjunk: Yeah, I’m going to make a better mechanism for this - you’ll be able to create stubs automatically within Cursive and they’ll be stored alongside the project. Having to pollute the project.clj is a problem (see https://github.com/cursiveclojure/cursive/issues/896) for one issue with it.

damionjunk 2015-06-17T00:33:24.001133Z

Right on. Yeah, for me it’s not a big deal. I just have to use the API docs via chrome instead of in IntelliJ, and only for this lib. Thanks for the response/answer btw.

cfleming 2015-06-17T00:36:23.001134Z

damionjunk: No worries - attaching the jar as per that issue will give you the doc etc in the editor as for everything else.

borkdude 2015-06-17T11:08:14.001138Z

I upgraded Prelude and cider (to melpa newest). Also I updated the cider plugin in .lein/profiles.clj. Now when I do cider-connect to a REPL, I get no REPL buffer. Where should I find it? @bozhidar

borkdude 2015-06-17T11:09:42.001139Z

Should I upgrade some other package?

borkdude 2015-06-17T11:11:47.001140Z

I don't see a REPL with cider-jack-in either


Check your buffers list

bozhidar 2015-06-17T11:25:10.001142Z

@borkdude: might be related to https://github.com/clojure-emacs/cider/issues/1050#issuecomment-112595451

bozhidar 2015-06-17T11:25:25.001144Z

try clean install

bozhidar 2015-06-17T11:25:37.001145Z

as noted in the issues, this is a limitation of package.el

bozhidar 2015-06-17T11:25:56.001146Z

sometimes package upgrades get messed up due to stale elc files

borkdude 2015-06-17T11:26:03.001147Z

I'll try that

borkdude 2015-06-17T12:34:04.001149Z

ok, upgrade worked by removing elpa directory. Now Cider says: please use nrepl 0.2.7 or newer. How do I get that with lein repl? @bozhidar

borkdude 2015-06-17T12:34:37.001152Z

I already upgraded lein to the newest

borkdude 2015-06-17T12:37:31.001153Z

wow, the debugger works :simple_smile:

bozhidar 2015-06-17T12:43:02.001154Z

you don’t say! :simple_smile:

borkdude 2015-06-17T12:46:20.001155Z

how do you remove a breakpoint?

agile_geek 2015-06-17T12:52:33.001157Z

got to try the debugger in Cider…should I be posting this in #C0617A8PQ?

bozhidar 2015-06-17T12:59:25.001158Z

@borkdude: just re-eval the form

borkdude 2015-06-17T12:59:45.001159Z

ok that works :simple_smile:

bozhidar 2015-06-17T12:59:56.001160Z

(the same thing you’d to in edebug - the “inspiration” for cider-debug)

bozhidar 2015-06-17T13:00:28.001161Z

@agile_geek: wherever you want :simple_smile: The other channel is definitely more focused.