Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
stammi 2015-06-18T08:38:19.001166Z

is there a convenient way to reorder function params in cursive's structural mode?

cfleming 2015-06-18T09:07:15.001167Z

@stammi: There’s move form up/down, but it’s not a refactoring - it won’t affect the usages of the function

danielcompton 2015-06-18T10:01:54.001169Z

@stammi: https://github.com/cursiveclojure/cursive/issues/927

stammi 2015-06-18T10:25:54.001171Z

@cfleming @danielcompton what I had in mind is the function call. E.g turn (str a "-" b) into (str b "-" a) without cut and paste.

cfleming 2015-06-18T10:26:43.001172Z

@stammi: You can use move form up/down for that, it doesn’t require a refactoring

stammi 2015-06-18T10:28:01.001173Z

Thanks @cfleming I will try that

stammi 2015-06-18T10:47:31.001174Z

yep thats what I wanted