Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
agile_geek 2015-07-07T05:38:47.001370Z

@benedek going to upgrade.

seancorfield 2015-07-07T06:17:19.001371Z

Been playing with some of the clj-refactor 1.1.0 stuff in Emacs Live dev packs today -- very impressed! Great work folks!!

seancorfield 2015-07-07T06:20:25.001372Z

Something in CIDER 0.9.1 or the associated stuff has a major hit hit on startup time I think...

acron 2015-07-07T08:06:56.001373Z

n00b emacs question. I see people saving their emacs config on github (etc) - is that just a complete .emacs.d directory?

benedek 2015-07-07T08:11:09.001374Z

@seancorfield: thx. feel free to record your startup findings here: https://github.com/clojure-emacs/cider-nrepl/issues/218

seancorfield 2015-07-07T08:19:12.001377Z

Will do. Fwiw I'm seeing about 30s vs 8s as well.

bozhidar 2015-07-07T08:58:39.001378Z

someone has to investigate/profile this, but I have a feeling the startup time is an O(n) of the deps that are needed by the REPL

bozhidar 2015-07-07T08:59:04.001379Z

if the startup was way faster in 0.8 it might be something related to the inlined dependencies

bozhidar 2015-07-07T08:59:33.001380Z

I haven’t spent any time on this so far, mostly because you boot the REPL and forget about it

bozhidar 2015-07-07T08:59:45.001381Z

restarts are uncommon and startup time is not critical

bozhidar 2015-07-07T09:00:03.001382Z

@acron: yes, generally this is an entire .emacs.d folder

acron 2015-07-07T09:00:21.001383Z

Ok, thanks

agile_geek 2015-07-07T09:06:19.001384Z

@acron: See @otfrom’s org based emacs repo https://github.com/otfrom/otfrom-org-emacs I used this as the basis for my one.

acron 2015-07-07T09:09:35.001386Z

I have a Prelude-based config that I am slowly adding to, but yeah, I'm just trying to understand all of emacs' moving parts

acron 2015-07-07T09:10:40.001387Z

Having come from a world of Light Table, Sublime Text and Visual Studio

acron 2015-07-07T09:10:51.001388Z

Emacs is a mythical beast that needs taming :simple_smile:

malabarba 2015-07-07T09:39:55.001389Z

@acron: Just try to understand it before you ride it, or the beast will break you. 😉

acron 2015-07-07T09:40:13.001390Z



there is something to be said for out of box behavior of lighttable, sublime, and vs


lighttable and sublime (since lighttable kind of mimmic'd sublime) really have the best keybindings


very natural


we need an emacs-natural hehe

agile_geek 2015-07-07T16:06:38.001397Z

@acron I made mistake of learning Clojure and Emacs simultaneously. I think it took me a week to work out how to type in a line of Clojure in Emacs!

bozhidar 2015-07-07T21:11:11.001398Z

@acron: Don’t worry, here you’re among friends (btw, there’s also a special Emacs support group - #C0617A8PQ)

bozhidar 2015-07-07T21:11:52.001399Z

As the author of Prelude I commend your choice of an Emacs setup :simple_smile:

bozhidar 2015-07-07T21:12:18.001400Z

@jwm: after some many years with Emacs, the keybindings of most other apps seems pretty unnatural to me

bozhidar 2015-07-07T21:12:23.001401Z

it’s all about habits

bozhidar 2015-07-07T21:12:52.001402Z

after all many people say that Clojure is foreign & complex, just because it doesn’t look like Algol


A violinist will say playing a violin is natural


What matters imo is intuitive


Others have described it but it goes without saying practice makes perfect


I need plenty more practice hehe

malabarba 2015-07-07T21:43:00.001407Z

Practicing emacs really pays off, because you can use it for absolutely anything. So it'll stay useful when working on other languages, or even when doing something completely unrelated, like organisation, remote file management, writing prose.

malabarba 2015-07-07T21:46:33.001408Z

Besides, we have Magit!

malabarba 2015-07-07T21:46:42.001409Z


arrdem 2015-07-07T21:46:47.001410Z

tbqh I never got into magit

arrdem 2015-07-07T21:46:51.001411Z

git-gutter+ is the bomb

arrdem 2015-07-07T21:46:59.001412Z

but I work between that and a git shell

malabarba 2015-07-07T21:49:06.001413Z

And you're not the only one.

malabarba 2015-07-07T21:49:31.001414Z

I've been thinking about doing a screen cast on Magit, to get mor people into it.

arrdem 2015-07-07T21:50:01.001415Z


malabarba 2015-07-07T21:50:16.001416Z

(Which is not to say that it's a niche thing, it's probably the most used emacs package.)

arrdem 2015-07-07T21:50:31.001417Z

Would be happy to throw beer money at you for it 😛

malabarba 2015-07-07T21:50:36.001418Z

Is there anything you didn't get in particular?

arrdem 2015-07-07T21:50:47.001419Z

I just have no damn idea what all it does and why I should care

arrdem 2015-07-07T21:50:57.001420Z

a general tour/sales pitch would be nice

malabarba 2015-07-07T21:51:37.001421Z

👍 😉




its magic .. you don’t need to know how it works :simple_smile:

arrdem 2015-07-07T22:02:26.001424Z

Read the fine manual they said. Why would I use this I said. Read the manual they said. I keep using a rock instead.


to read the magit manual you must magit first

arrdem 2015-07-07T22:08:11.001426Z

CS 352C: dependency management, requires CS 352C

aengelberg 2015-07-07T22:47:44.001427Z

"Maaaagit! You can have anything that you desire..."

aengelberg 2015-07-07T22:48:06.001428Z

Sorry, couldn't resist.