Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
tjg 2015-07-09T10:03:00.001450Z

Argh, on Mac, emacs clips the tops off frames if you set a typeface's :height too large: http://emacswiki.org/emacs/SetFonts#toc14 Keeps me from upgrading from 24.3, because it's worse in later versions. 😕

tjg 2015-07-09T10:04:06.001453Z

Hmm, maybe if I build Emacs from sourcecode, there's a tiny chance it'll magically work...

tjg 2015-07-09T10:04:57.001454Z

Hopefully the Emacs maintainers can hint me how hard it is to fix...

tjg 2015-07-09T10:11:20.001455Z

Ah, but text-scale-adjust works. So you can set the :height low and make it up with a global text-scale-adjust... 😛

tjg 2015-07-09T10:34:20.001456Z

Workaround here: https://gist.github.com/tjg/aacf48cf4bfe692a4d6b