Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
cfleming 2015-07-10T08:49:17.001458Z

Am I correct in thinking that in Emacs, only slurp works with strings, not barf?

cfleming 2015-07-10T08:49:59.001460Z

Paredit is telling me Invalid context for command paredit-backward-barf-sexp in a string - I'd assumed both would work.

malabarba 2015-07-10T08:51:19.001461Z

@cfleming: Yes, you're correct

cfleming 2015-07-10T08:51:35.001462Z

@malabarba: Thanks, that seems odd.

malabarba 2015-07-10T08:51:47.001463Z

Yeah, don't know why it's like that. But There are other ways to spit something out of a string with paredit

cfleming 2015-07-10T08:51:58.001464Z

And Splice works in strings as well, it seems

malabarba 2015-07-10T08:52:08.001465Z


malabarba 2015-07-10T08:52:31.001466Z

What I usually do, is call paredit-split-sexp before the thing I wanted to barf

malabarba 2015-07-10T08:52:46.001467Z

which divides into two strings

cfleming 2015-07-10T08:52:50.001468Z


malabarba 2015-07-10T08:52:51.001469Z

and tghen splice it out of the string

cfleming 2015-07-10T08:53:10.001470Z

Ok, I think I'll implement both, then - I can't see a good reason not to.

bozhidar 2015-07-10T14:49:07.001472Z

@cfleming: play with smartparens a bit as well; in recent years many Emacs users switched over

bozhidar 2015-07-10T14:49:29.001473Z

you might get some good ideas there

cfleming 2015-07-10T17:51:50.001476Z

@bozhidar: Yeah, I’m planning to check that out, thanks. I particularly like the grouping (i.e. moving map key/val together) etc.

martinklepsch 2015-07-10T21:37:35.001478Z

For beginners Nightcode is sooo cool!

malabarba 2015-07-10T21:51:08.001479Z

@cfleming wait, smartparens does that? Sounds sweet