Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
cfleming 2015-07-11T02:06:39.001480Z

@malabarba: I believe so, although I’ve never used it myself.

cfleming 2015-07-11T02:48:20.001481Z

@malabarba: Actually, it doesn’t, that was some other package that I can’t find now.

bozhidar 2015-07-11T05:20:47.001482Z

lispy, perhaps?

cfleming 2015-07-11T09:51:23.001483Z

@bozhidar: No, I think it had paren in the name, but I can’t find anything like that in my browser history.

cfleming 2015-07-11T09:52:26.001484Z

@bozhidar: It seems like smartparens mostly offers more in that it works with more general types of parens, is that true? Most of the commands seemed to be basically the same as paredit but to work more flexibly with other languages etc.

bozhidar 2015-07-11T09:54:18.001485Z

yeah, that’s the philosophy of the package - structural editing for all; but it also has a strict-mode, which is for lisps

bozhidar 2015-07-11T09:54:39.001486Z

and if I recall correctly not all commands in smartparens were 1 to 1 with paredit

bozhidar 2015-07-11T09:55:53.001487Z

there’s also paxedit https://github.com/promethial/paxedit

cfleming 2015-07-11T09:56:03.001489Z

That might be, I didn’t compare them in detail. Certainly it’s much better documented.

bozhidar 2015-07-11T09:56:11.001490Z

Emacs users are obsessed with such packages :simple_smile:

bozhidar 2015-07-11T09:56:24.001491Z

and it’s much easier to contribute to it

bozhidar 2015-07-11T09:56:48.001492Z

paredit is like Clojure in a way - a cathedral

bozhidar 2015-07-11T09:56:59.001493Z

no github repo, etc

cfleming 2015-07-11T09:57:10.001494Z

Ah, that was the one I was thinking of, I think. The nice thing about paxedit was that the commands worked on groups, i.e. let-binding forms and map key/values.

cfleming 2015-07-11T09:57:21.001495Z

@malabarba: paxedit was it, I think.

cfleming 2015-07-11T09:58:00.001496Z

I’m always amazed by how few tests these packages have given that they’re such a ball of edge cases.

malabarba 2015-07-11T10:28:58.001497Z

@cfleming nice. Does it go on top of paredit? Or is it its own thing?

cfleming 2015-07-11T14:45:17.001498Z

@malabarba: Not sure, sorry - I don’t actually use either, this was just research for functionality I should be stealing :simple_smile:

bozhidar 2015-07-11T15:26:30.001499Z

@cfleming: few Emacs packages have good test suits

bozhidar 2015-07-11T15:26:45.001500Z

mostly library stuff

bozhidar 2015-07-11T15:27:18.001501Z

integration tests are kind of hard and pretty much everyone skips them

cfleming 2015-07-11T20:34:35.001502Z

@bozhidar: Still, it seems like smartparens has the infrastructure, just not that many actual tests for the amount of functionality it provides.

cfleming 2015-07-11T20:50:48.001503Z

@bozhidar: Have you thought about adding paxedit and smartparens to https://github.com/clojure-emacs/example-config?

meow 2015-07-11T20:51:26.001505Z

I came across this today and didn't know if it was relevant for what you guys are working on: https://github.com/mkremins/xyzzy

meow 2015-07-11T20:52:38.001507Z

And this related project: https://github.com/mkremins/flense

cfleming 2015-07-11T20:53:14.001509Z

@meow: Not so much for me, thanks - in Cursive, the AST is not standard Clojure forms

cfleming 2015-07-11T20:53:27.001510Z

Flense is interesting though, I looked at it a while back

bozhidar 2015-07-11T20:54:13.001511Z

@cfleming: I don’t pay much attention to this config project; @benedek takes care of it, my personal preferences differ :simple_smile:

cfleming 2015-07-11T20:54:31.001512Z

Ah, ok