Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
danielcompton 2015-07-22T04:42:20.000028Z

Is there a way in Cursive to set indentation for a function so it does no indentation at all?

cfleming 2015-07-22T07:54:07.000030Z

@danielcompton: You mean so that none of the lines indent?

danielcompton 2015-07-22T07:54:17.000031Z


danielcompton 2015-07-22T07:54:24.000032Z

We’re wrapping a whole namespace in a tracing function

cfleming 2015-07-22T07:54:38.000034Z

No, there’s no way to do that right now.

cfleming 2015-07-22T07:54:44.000035Z

Oh, wait - I see

cfleming 2015-07-22T07:55:03.000036Z

You want all the direct sub-forms at the same indentation level as the parent.

cfleming 2015-07-22T07:55:31.000037Z

No, although I can see that would be useful - you might want it for comment

danielcompton 2015-07-22T07:56:48.000038Z

Yeah, I thought indentation 0 might do that

cfleming 2015-07-22T08:00:47.000039Z

No, that’s the number of params it will line up before it starts lining up the body.

cfleming 2015-07-22T08:01:02.000040Z

There’s no way to get what you want right now

acron 2015-07-22T08:08:08.000041Z

@agile_geek: sorry mate, was me being a nub again. refreshed the package list and it worked 🤦

danielcompton 2015-07-22T08:19:48.000042Z

@cfleming: it looks like this bug is back https://github.com/cursiveclojure/cursive/issues/288

danielcompton 2015-07-22T08:20:47.000045Z

ah, it works in a let, but not in a when

agile_geek 2015-07-22T08:47:20.000046Z

@acron: np. Done it myself more times than I can count.

cfleming 2015-07-22T14:01:55.000047Z

@danielcompton: Right, it doesn’t work inside all forms - do you need it to work inside a when block?

danielcompton 2015-07-22T18:26:00.000048Z

I need it inside a macro, trace-forms from https://github.com/spellhouse/clairvoyant

cfleming 2015-07-22T18:26:53.000050Z

I see, ok

danielcompton 2015-07-22T18:26:57.000051Z

It's also the one I need indented to 0. I can open some tickets ?

cfleming 2015-07-22T18:27:05.000052Z

Sure, go for it

cfleming 2015-07-22T18:27:36.000053Z

How have you found clairvoyant? Is it useful?