Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
borkdude 2015-08-10T14:55:53.000272Z

how do I disable that electric-indent thing in emacs / Prelude?

malabarba 2015-08-10T15:11:56.000274Z


chris 2015-08-10T20:11:20.000275Z

does anyone know how to disable emacs capturing a key sequence? I use M-s-l to lock my screen, but I can’t when emacs is focused because it just says “M-s-¬” is undefined. I have tried doing (global-unset-key)

malabarba 2015-08-10T21:40:13.000276Z

@chris usually, keys defined at the OS level never even reach emacs.

malabarba 2015-08-10T21:40:43.000277Z

That's what happens for me with C-M-l

malabarba 2015-08-10T21:43:04.000278Z

So I don't think you can prevent emacs from capturing a key that reaches it, but that shouldn't prevent you from using OS keys like that.