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in Cursive after starting a REPL the message "DEBUG: unknown response keys :state" keeps repeating as I type. Has anyone else had this problem? the repl appears to work otherwise.

cfleming 2015-08-31T19:13:30.000035Z

@paulb: That means the REPL is trying to read from stdin. Are you running a CLJS REPL over nREPL or something?


@cfleming I opened a project I had just created with lein new (no cljs) and made configuration "Edit Configurations > Clojure REPL > Local > Run nREPL with Leiningen" then ran it

cfleming 2015-08-31T19:55:55.000037Z

@paulb: Weird. Sorry, I didn’t read your message earlier carefully enough, it’s not the input issue. Do you have anything in your lein profiles which might be doing something strange with your REPL?


@cfleming thanks! deleting profiles.clj fixed the problem.


it was previously configured for emacs with cider and refactor so I guess those conflict