Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
gerstree 2015-09-23T13:11:49.000042Z

Is this the place to ask questions about the use of vim plugins like fireplace?

gerstree 2015-09-23T13:17:34.000043Z

I have specific questions about having more than one repl session (for clj and cljs) and how that could work.

jasoncof 2015-09-23T14:05:08.000044Z

Yup, this is the right place, but unfortunately, I can’t help. I use vim-fireplace, but I’m not using cljs.

jasoncof 2015-09-23T14:06:05.000045Z

I’ve started a cljs repl from the clj repl, that worked. But I never tried both at the same time.

gerstree 2015-09-23T14:13:31.000047Z

@mitchelkuijpers: please don't answer 'SpaceMacs'

mitchelkuijpers 2015-09-23T14:13:45.000048Z


gerstree 2015-09-23T14:15:15.000049Z

@jasoncof: thanks, I stick with the REPL on the command line for now

gerstree 2015-09-23T14:50:05.000051Z

But I definitely miss being able to jump to doc and source

jasoncof 2015-09-23T14:53:15.000052Z

@gerstree: you mean with fireplace?

gerstree 2015-09-23T15:20:12.000054Z

Yes, in vim

jasoncof 2015-09-23T16:53:50.000055Z

@gerstree: K is mapped to look up symbol with doc and [<C-D> jumps to definition of a symbol

gerstree 2015-09-23T17:21:00.000056Z

I know, it's just that I cannot get it to work for both cljs and clj

colin.yates 2015-09-23T18:06:03.000057Z

@gerstree - can I mention ‘SpaceMacs’ then? I hear it has great reviews :simple_smile:

akiva 2015-09-23T18:10:46.000058Z

I want to live in Spacemacs. I’d sign up for eHarmony if there was an Emacs package for it.

akiva 2015-09-23T18:10:57.000059Z

(Actually, there’s no way I’d ever do that.)

gerstree 2015-09-23T18:26:57.000060Z

@colin.yates: you sure can, it's just that I dream in vi and have to invest in Emacs a bit.

gerstree 2015-09-23T18:29:05.000061Z

@akiva: ok then, Spacemacs is on my menu for tonight, I was told there comes a time I have to...

akiva 2015-09-23T18:30:31.000062Z

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Plenty of Spacemacs users about.

gerstree 2015-09-23T18:36:47.000063Z

@akiva: Thanks, I may hold you up to this. Dinner and then the game is on.

akiva 2015-09-23T18:37:31.000064Z

You bet. Happy to help.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:03:55.000065Z

@akiva: just installed according to the instructions at https://github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:04:32.000067Z

Started Emacs and it's completely dead. Status line reads "Contacting host: http://tromey.com:80"

akiva 2015-09-23T19:17:03.000068Z

Be patient. That’s been happening a lot lately but it is not normal.

akiva 2015-09-23T19:17:30.000069Z

http://tromey.com along with others are package repositories.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:21:33.000070Z

I've been patient for over half an hour now, is that meant to be?

akiva 2015-09-23T19:22:11.000071Z

Okay, yeah, that’s a bit much. Longest I waited was nine minutes but that’s mostly because I forgot it was doing that.

akiva 2015-09-23T19:22:23.000072Z

This isn’t a Spacemacs problem, mind you.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:26:44.000073Z

@akiva: I guessed that. So here I am, once again figuring out a way to get out of Emacs 😉

akiva 2015-09-23T19:27:12.000074Z

Hahaha, you’re going to have to Force Quit.

akiva 2015-09-23T19:27:28.000075Z

Sometimes doing that and then just going back in again sorts it.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:32:49.000076Z

I figured http://tromey.com was a mirror, so I removed it from /core/core-configuration-layer.el

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:32:57.000077Z

Now it's installing packages

akiva 2015-09-23T19:34:31.000078Z


akiva 2015-09-23T19:34:50.000079Z

I haven’t gotten too deep into configuring it like that. I have a few things I’ve done.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:34:55.000080Z

Holy cow, I'm exiting Emacs for the first time in my life, without thinking. Was that really


gerstree 2015-09-23T19:34:59.000081Z


akiva 2015-09-23T19:35:18.000082Z

Yep. Almost all of the usual vi bindings work everywhere.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:37:14.000083Z

Also probably not Spacemacs, but my next excercise is to enable some kind of dark mode. This will keep me awake all night.

akiva 2015-09-23T19:38:04.000084Z

You’ll want [SPC] : load-theme

akiva 2015-09-23T19:39:00.000086Z

I swear I spent a good half-hour going through each and every theme until I settled on one. I still want to port my vim theme to it.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:39:47.000087Z

Just accidentally found the Ctrl-P counterpart. I can check that one.

akiva 2015-09-23T19:40:22.000088Z

There’s a themes-megapack you can install as well.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:42:27.000089Z

spacemacs dark will do fine for now

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:50:10.000090Z

Do I need a .spacemacs file if I want to make that change permanent?

akiva 2015-09-23T19:51:29.000092Z

Yeah. .spacemacs is where you want to put all configuration stuff. Forget about init.el.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:56:19.000093Z

Ok, so far so good. On to connecting to the REPL, that's where I got stuck in vim.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:56:34.000094Z

And I mean for both clj and cljs

akiva 2015-09-23T19:57:10.000095Z

I’m pretty sure CLJS isn’t compatible with CIDER yet.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:59:16.000096Z

Not cider, but piggieback is supposed to work quite ok.

gerstree 2015-09-23T19:59:18.000097Z


colin.yates 2015-09-23T20:00:10.000099Z

zenburn is really nice (although I find the highlighting a little two low-contrast)

gerstree 2015-09-23T20:29:50.000100Z

@akiva: Thanks for your help so far. I'm getting the gist of it. I still have to figure out how to get code highlighting and how to connect to a repl. But I will leave that for tomorrow probably.

akiva 2015-09-23T21:07:44.000101Z

Right on. I still keep a few tabs open with cheat sheets.


gerstree I’m using vim-fireplace for development and have 12 or so repls going at the same time for various projects


if you want to talk about the vanilla vim stuff I am happy to


I was nudged towards spacemacs in this room not too long ago


and while it does look nice, I am pretty heavily invested in vim myself


set -o vi in my terminal and all that

akiva 2015-09-23T21:45:52.000107Z

I still use vim for quick edits.


@gerstree have a go at that


1. untar it
2. lein repl
3. vi src/fireplace_cljs_example/core.cljs


then you should be able to do your normal operations, for me this include K for docs, [^d for goto source, cpp for eval form etc, cqq for quasi-repl etc


it should be fully featured


if that isn’t working, it means you have something in your environment that is preventing your from moving forward, maybe java, maybe ~/.lein/profiles.clj or maybe your fireplace checkout