Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
gerstree 2015-09-24T06:40:59.000118Z

@clumsyjedi: Thanks! I will have a go at it and let you know.

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:00:43.000120Z

@clumsyjedi: I have tried, it but no success. The repl starts showing:

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:00:55.000121Z

Exception updating the ns-cache #<SocketException java.net.SocketException: Socket closed>
Exception updating the ns-cache #<SocketException java.net.SocketException: Socket closed>
Exception updating the ns-cache #<SocketException java.net.SocketException: Socket closed>

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:01:44.000123Z

And eventually a ThreadDead exception occurs. Meanwhile vi hangs waiting for a reponse from the REPL I guess.


Is the when you open the file or when you try eval something?

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:08:04.000125Z

When I eval something


whatโ€™s your environment like? java version? lein version? vim-fireplace version? OS?


I must confess to never having seen an error like that before

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:13:39.000128Z

Arch Linux java version "1.8.0_40" Fireplace 1.1

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:14:30.000129Z

this is my profiles.clj:

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:14:43.000130Z

 {:plugins [
            [cider/cider-nrepl "0.10.0-SNAPSHOT"]
            [refactor-nrepl "1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"]
            [jonase/eastwood "0.2.1"]
            [lein-deps-tree "0.1.2"]
            [lein-try "0.4.1"]]
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.10"]]
  :repositories {"datomic" {:url "<https://my.datomic.com/repo>"
                            :username :env/DATOMIC_REPO_USERNAME
                            :password :env/DATOMIC_REPO_PASSWORD}


as far as fireplace, how are you installing it? pathogen?

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:20:05.000132Z

Via NeoBundle


ok, I can reproduce the error by using your profiles.clj


so itโ€™s not your fireplace version

juhoteperi 2015-09-24T13:39:40.000135Z

I would suggest using stable cider-nrepl and refactor-nrepl versions, afaik no one has tested fireplace with those

juhoteperi 2015-09-24T13:40:15.000136Z

Or well, fireplace shouldn't care too much about refactor-nrepl but it uses cider-nrepl


yeah same, I changed your profiles to

 {:plugins [
            [cider/cider-nrepl "0.9.1"]
            [refactor-nrepl "1.1.0"]
            [jonase/eastwood "0.2.1"]
            [lein-deps-tree "0.1.2"]
            [lein-try "0.4.1"]]
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.10"]]
  :repositories {"datomic" {:url "<https://my.datomic.com/repo>"
                            :username :env/DATOMIC_REPO_USERNAME
                            :password :env/DATOMIC_REPO_PASSWORD}}}}


and it works

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:41:49.000140Z

Ok, I will try 0.9.1!

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:42:25.000141Z

( I eventually get a response using the 0.10 version though... funny, I was in a presentation and came back to a repl reponse)


maybe you just need to leave the room for the sockets to work? ๐Ÿ˜•

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:44:34.000143Z

Yeah, it's better for a lot of things when I'm not around :simple_smile:

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:44:39.000144Z

I hear that a lot

gerstree 2015-09-24T13:49:32.000145Z

Bam, that works. Thanks a bunch guys. Now I will try the repl connection to figwheel, that's what I was originally up to.

benedek 2015-09-24T13:50:27.000146Z

fireplace still does not use refactor-nrepl, @clumsyjedi ? i am shocked... ;)

benedek 2015-09-24T13:50:48.000147Z

nice to see u rnd here btw

juhoteperi 2015-09-24T13:51:18.000148Z

There's a separate plugin for some refactor-nrepl functions, confusingly named vim-cider

benedek 2015-09-24T13:51:57.000149Z

i know @juhoteperi nice work!

gerstree 2015-09-24T14:09:50.000150Z

@clumsyjedi: Thanks for putting me on the right track, I have a figwheel repl working now!


nice one


(benedek stop causing trouble)

gerstree 2015-09-24T14:16:06.000153Z

Is there a way to list the active repl connections?

gerstree 2015-09-24T14:16:40.000154Z

g f is still using the wrong repl, resulting in java stack traces while I want to be connected to clojurescript repl

borkdude 2015-09-24T14:18:08.000155Z

in emacs when I search with helm-ag, how can I refresh the results (like g in rgrep)?

juhoteperi 2015-09-24T14:34:43.000156Z

@gerstree: Looks like gf implementation in Fireplace just uses Clojure ns-aliases so it won work with Cljs: https://github.com/tpope/vim-fireplace/blob/04a7f542f56cb2d932c454648e10fc39f70af345/plugin/fireplace.vim#L1352

gerstree 2015-09-24T14:53:18.000160Z

Ow wow, did you really just fix this?

juhoteperi 2015-09-24T14:54:00.000161Z

Perhaps ๐Ÿ˜„ I don't have working cljs repl so I don't know

gerstree 2015-09-24T15:12:56.000162Z

I will try tonight, have to finish something first (in Spacemacs right now ๐Ÿ˜ž )

gerstree 2015-09-24T15:16:39.000163Z

But thanks a lot!

gerstree 2015-09-24T21:56:57.000164Z

@juhoteperi: no luck yet with that change. I'm fiddling with that code a bit myself, learning a bit of vimscript on the way.

venantius 2015-09-24T22:11:50.000165Z

@juhoteperi: / @gerstree if either of you are able to actually get something working there, for the love of god get it into fireplace core. Iโ€™m going nuts not having access to gf in cljs

venantius 2015-09-24T22:12:04.000166Z

which is to say, strong ++ on the initiative here

juhoteperi 2015-09-24T22:19:38.000168Z

@gerstree: I got Piggieback working somewhat. gf is working for me