Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
akiva 2015-09-28T13:18:49.000199Z

New version of Spacemacs has been released: https://github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/releases/tag/v0.104.0

gjnoonan 2015-09-28T15:06:56.000201Z

@akiva: some nice new features and layers

gjnoonan 2015-09-28T15:07:01.000202Z

"Recovery mode when there is an error in the user dotfile. Now even when your dotfile cannot be loaded, Spacemacs will be operational with a minimal set of packages available (thanks to cmccloud)” <— finally

akiva 2015-09-28T15:08:19.000203Z

Yeah. Having to bring up vim just to edit the .spacemacs file was irritating.

akiva 2015-09-28T15:11:24.000204Z

My favorite thing is that all of the SPC commands are now properly labeled. No more seeing a ton of Prefix or whatever the standard label was.

jeff.terrell 2015-09-28T18:34:42.000205Z

Ooh, the new which-key (replacing guide-key) is really neat! That was one of my big frustrations, whenever the guide-key popup wasn't big enough to display all the options.

borkdude 2015-09-28T21:15:59.000206Z

@cfleming: I recently read a talk by Steve Yegge about dynamic vs static(ally typed) languages and the different approaches IDEs take to support those. He made the distinction between deterministic algorithms (like type checking) and probabilistic methods that can find more sophisticated cases (like Hotspot uses those to optimize code). Are you using those techniques also in Cursive, or mostly based on deterministic things like AST analysis? This was the talk I'm referring to: http://steve-yegge.blogspot.nl/2008/05/dynamic-languages-strike-back.html