Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript

I’ve been wondering this as well. I’ve found nrepl (https://github.com/maxbrunsfeld/atom-nrepl) and atom-paredit (https://github.com/MarcoPolo/atom-paredit)

danielcompton 2015-10-18T21:35:21.000023Z

@chris_johnson: https://github.com/darwin/plastic


plastic is not ready, give me a few more years :simple_smile:


@darwin: Is there anything you’d appreciate help with? Like documentation or testing?


@joerter: thanks for asking, but the project is really in beginning, even the basic functionality is not working yet, if you have some ideas about structural code editing and/or want to experiment, you can join me with coding :simple_smile: or I could probably provide a list of ideas worth exploring


@darwin: No problem, I’m probably not experienced enough in Clojure to be of much help right now, but I will definitely keep an eye on this and experiment where I can