Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
trieloff 2015-11-14T18:12:57.000006Z

I’m sure you have seen Parinfer (http://shaunlebron.github.io/parinfer/) –currently there is only a plugin for nVim and Atom. What are you experiences with using Atom for Clojure?

chris_johnson 2015-11-14T20:20:09.000008Z

@trieloff: I am just starting to look into it - so far I’m finding that there’s not much support for nREPL integration along the lines of what CIDER or fireplace.vim provides

chris_johnson 2015-11-14T20:21:14.000009Z

but I’m really liking Atom for other things I’m throwing at it (editing a thousand-line CloudFormation JSON file, for example) so I hope that it’s something I find more support for eventually

trieloff 2015-11-14T20:24:46.000010Z

There are two nrepl plugins, but I have not tried them yet.