Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
chris_johnson 2015-11-22T20:39:48.000023Z

@martinklepsch: I’m actually having little success with either of the existing repl/nREPL plugins that I’ve found and am considering writing one that leverages CIDER middlewares and whatnot

chris_johnson 2015-11-22T20:40:31.000024Z

because there’s no reason at all to work on my own side projects when I can first spend a person-month hand-crafting more tools to use on said side-projects! 😐

benedek 2015-11-22T20:43:00.000025Z

@chris_johnson: @martinklepsch I am kinda planning to do an integration for cider-nrepl and refactor-nrepl for atom just no time for it unfortunately. @rundis did an amazing work for lighttable a year ago or so along the same lines