Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
txus 2015-12-10T10:16:27.000124Z

@chris: smartparens is not really friendly to modal editing am I right? as in lots of Ctrl / Alt etc?

txus 2015-12-10T10:17:31.000125Z

I live evil-lisp-state except for two things: there’s no keybinding to go from Insert mode back to lisp-mode, and there’s no keybinding to go from Normal mode to lisp-mode either (that is, without SPC k)

sooheon 2015-12-10T18:27:23.000126Z

i’ve found evil-lisp-state to be pretty clunky. Look into lispy, it’s pretty eye opening in my experience.

mattly 2015-12-10T18:36:08.000127Z

interesting. how do you invoke lispy-mode ?

mattly 2015-12-10T18:36:18.000128Z

or do you use the C- and C-M- bindings?