Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
eraserhd 2015-12-16T01:49:32.000134Z

I just coined the term “Vimplementation”.

sander 2015-12-16T22:12:08.000135Z

is there a way to speed up parinfer in vscode?

snoe 2015-12-16T22:14:02.000136Z

@sander there's a #C0F2A0MJN channel but there's also an open issue about speeding up the library https://github.com/shaunlebron/parinfer/issues/66

sander 2015-12-16T22:15:22.000137Z

@snoe thanks!

eraserhd 2015-12-16T22:27:40.000138Z

Just posted “Avi is a Spec, First”, about #C0F4MB8AY - my Vim clone. http://maitria.github.io/avi//avi/technical/2015/12/02/avi-is-a-spec-first.html