Discussion about all editors used for Clojure/ClojureScript
zentrope 2015-12-25T00:48:24.000153Z

Is it normal for Emacs / Magit to be kinda slow if you have, say, 21 buffers from your project open when you're crafting a commit?

benedek 2015-12-25T08:49:22.000154Z

Are you on latest magit? I dont experience much slowness anymore...

zentrope 2015-12-25T19:21:13.000155Z

@benedek Yep. I download the latest shaps from melpa.

zentrope 2015-12-25T19:23:08.000156Z

@benedek I see more of these "Reverting (up to) 23 file-visiting buffer(s)..." when doing stuff. And "s" to stage seems to take more time than I'd expect.

zentrope 2015-12-25T19:25:25.000157Z

Maybe it's this: http://magit.vc/manual/magit/Automatic-refresh-and-revert.html

zentrope 2015-12-25T19:30:30.000159Z

And https://github.com/magit/magit/issues/1809: "Cons: When many buffers are visiting files in the repository, then this can be slow."